For great flavour we all know fresh is best; however we also all like a bit of convenience... step in fresh peeled garlic from your friends at DGM Growers!

Peeled Garlic

This pack offers the perfect solution if you’re wanting fresh garlic without the faff (or those lingering garlicy fingers). These whole cloves are perfect for chucking in casseroles, chopping into stir fry’s or smooshing into delicious sauces. They can also make the humblest of salad dressings pop with their gorgeous flavour, simply steamed and blended in.

As well as flavoursome for cooking and forming the base of many dishes across all cultures, the health benefits of garlic are also widely noted, and as such garlic is becoming a popular healthy snack. Simply steam the cloves to cook and take out some of the ‘bite’ then munch a clove a day to keep the snuffles away!


DGM Growers are able to offer peeled garlic 52 weeks of the year.




1.In a large casserole dish set over a medium heat, season and brown 8 skin-on chicken thighs in a generous amount of olive oil and butter.

2.Turn off the heat, remove the chicken and set to one side (please note the chicken is not cooked at this point so treat it as raw and wash hands, utensils, worktops etc.)

3.Take your 40 cloves of garlic (1.5-2 packs); put half the garlic cloves in the bottom of the dish, return the chicken, arranging in one layer, skin side up and add the remaining garlic and any juices from the chicken. Sprinkle with fresh herbs and add a small glug of white wine.

4.Put the lid on the casserole dish and put in a preheated oven at 180°C. Cook for 45-60 minutes, basting halfway through until the chicken is cooked through.

5.Remove the chicken from the dish with a slotted spoon, cover with foil and rest for 10 mins.

6.The chicken can simply be served with the juices and garlic cloves as they are; or you can gently heat the juices, smash some of the garlic cloves to thicken and add 500ml of fresh chicken stock and seasoning as required, bringing it to a simmer and reducing slightly to make a more gravy like sauce.

Delicious served with buttered new potatoes and seasonal greens.


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