DGM Growers hit 2 million meals donated milestone!

Press Release, 15th May 2023

The donated vegetables include celeriac, chicory, pak choi, fennel and courgettes. This produce provides valuable nutrients to people facing food insecurity around the UK. In addition to this, DGM colleagues have also been working with FareShare to help them with content including recipe ideas and education on how to store the produce. Great collaboration and teamwork by all.
FareShare collects the surplus produce and then redistributes it to their network of thousands of charities and community groups all over the country. These groups turn the vegetables into hot meals or add it to food parcels.
Emma Brown, FareShare Commercial Manager said: “We are so grateful to DGM Growers, who have consistently sent us surplus produce since 2019. It is invaluable to be able to offer the charities we work with a range of produce such as celeriac, pak choi and fennel. Thank you to all at DGM Growers.”

Simon Scott Promoted to Managing Director for DGM Growers

Press Release, 16th June 2022

Fresh produce supplier Fresca Group has announced the promotion of Simon Scott to Managing Director of DGM Growers in Holbeach Bank, Lincolnshire.

Having previously served as General Manager at DGM, Scott’s timely promotion comes at the beginning of a substantial investment project, with building work already underway for its new multi million pound Smart Farm installation, behind the already expanded facility.

Speaking of the promotion, Martyn Fletcher, Fresca Group CEO, said “Simon has extensive experience in fresh produce and has made such a valuable contribution to a number of our businesses  within Fresca for over 25 years now.

“Whilst at DGM, he has led a great deal of change, strengthening the business to the point where it needed additional capacity. The relatively recent multi million pound expansion was delivered just before Covid, enabling DGM to successfully support it’s retail customers at that most crucial time.”

Speaking of the new smart farm, Simon said “This is an exciting time for DGM. We are already recognised as speciality growers, being the only UK grower of chicory, and with the additional investment in our new smart farm, we are already exploring other speciality crops.”

Fletcher added “The Fresca board are very pleased with how Simon has grown the DGM business, and are motivated to support his investment plans further and continue the momentum he’s already achieved. It’s a very exciting time for the company.”


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5 Things you didn’t know about Chicory

Press Release, 19th May 2022

Did you know that we are the only commercial growers of Chicory in the UK?

Chicory is “interesting” to grow – at least that’s what Brian our “Chief Chicory Grower” says when asked the question.

So, we picked his brains and asked him for 5 facts about Chicory that people might not know:

1. Chicory has to be grown in the pitch dark and we have an expert grower (Brian) who checks the crops carefully and monitors their growth.

2. We grow two types of Chicory – Red and White. Although the white chicory does look yellow in colour.

3. White (or yellow) Chicory is extremely sensitive to light, so its best kept in a brown bag or its original packaging in the vegetable drawer of the fridge. Red Chicory is less sensitive to light, but the colour will dull after 7 days if exposed to too much light.

4.Chicory contains Vitamin B6, Maganese, Inulin, Potassium and Vitamins A & C as well as calcium, so it’s great to include Chicory into your diet.

5. Chicory is classed as an “Endive” which is a leaf vegetable and part of the same family as Radicchio.

One way to enjoy Chicory is in a Chicory and vegetable Gratin.

Chicory is available from most major supermarkets and can be found down the salad aisle!

New, ‘Curious’ product lines launched in Ocado

Press Release, 11th March 2020

Did you know that we have our own brand of veg?  It’s called Curious; its products are sourced from around our parent company, Fresca Group. One place the brand has a listing is at online retailer, Ocado. Our range there is about to leap to a total of 19 different products!

We know that Ocado want to be the ‘go to’ retailer for unusual products. They want to offer a really comprehensive range of exciting items alongside the everyday staples. Between our farm and packing factory in Lincolnshire and our Thai and Asian product specialist, Blue River International, we’re the natural choice to supply Ocado with what their customers are looking for.

DGM Growers Account Manager, James Hoyle, has been super-busy pitching these new products to the retailer and then making sure they launch on time. He and the rest of the team have made sure we deliver the goods.

Ocado are a great customer for us to test the market with new products like water spinach and wing beans as we gain valuable customer feedback through the customer ratings. We can then use these to encourage other retailers to stock these unusual products.

We wish everyone the best of luck with these new products and hope for further growth to follow.