New, ‘Curious’ product lines launched in Ocado

Press Release, 11th March 2020

Did you know that we have our own brand of veg?  It’s called Curious; its products are sourced from around our parent company, Fresca Group. One place the brand has a listing is at online retailer, Ocado. Our range there is about to leap to a total of 19 different products!

We know that Ocado want to be the ‘go to’ retailer for unusual products. They want to offer a really comprehensive range of exciting items alongside the everyday staples. Between our farm and packing factory in Lincolnshire and our Thai and Asian product specialist, Blue River International, we’re the natural choice to supply Ocado with what their customers are looking for.

DGM Growers Account Manager, James Hoyle, has been super-busy pitching these new products to the retailer and then making sure they launch on time. He and the rest of the team have made sure we deliver the goods.

Ocado are a great customer for us to test the market with new products like water spinach and wing beans as we gain valuable customer feedback through the customer ratings. We can then use these to encourage other retailers to stock these unusual products.

We wish everyone the best of luck with these new products and hope for further growth to follow.