Meet some of the talented people behind DGM Growers

  • Tim Allen Tim Allen Commercial Director

    I have been working for Fresca for over 25 years with various roles during that time, however I am now the Commercial Director for DGM with a focus on our procurement function within our business to ensure our growers and partners are producing the best quality vegetables they can at the very best price possible.

    When I am not in the office, I have a real passion for anything cycling related, whether that be mountain biking in Europe or road cycling around the UK.

    My favourite DGM product must be Pak Choi as it is the most versatile of our products and can be used in so many dishes! Its versatility doesn’t end there either, I love the different ways it can be grown whether that be standard field or outdoor or indoor hydroponics. To seal the deal, we have always had a great relationship with our pak choi growers, some of which have been working with us for over 20 years!

  • Mark Twinn Mark Twinn Operations Director

    I Joined the DGM Team at the end of 2019 as we were about to move in to the New purpose built pack house and the implementation of our New ERP system.

    As the Operations Manager I am responsible for the day to day running of the site, currently I am also overseeing the Hydroponic Smart Farm Greenhouse build project.

    When I am not at work my time is filled with Horses as my wife is a keen horseperson who loves dressage, so by default I am normally looking after fields or repairing fences.

    If I get any time for myself I love to go out on Audax Bike ride.

    My Favourite DGM Product is Celeriac, there is so many recipes that you can do with it from a simple Soup to Mash/Roast or fries and remoulade.

  • Brian Read Brian Read Head of Growing

    I’ve been growing veg at DGM for over 20 years, firstly growing chicory roots and forcing them using hydroponic systems in dark growing rooms to more recently multi coloured Swiss Chard and a new speciality field grown courgette Zephyr. I enjoy the challenge of growing crops in different growing media, structures and conditions, using adapted methodologies to ensure economic yield and quality.
    My favourite product still has to be chicory, “you never forget your roots”. It’s still as demanding and challenging since my first day back in 1999 and as we are the only UK grower we have to do a lot of our own trials, also it means we enjoy looking to The Netherlands, Belgium and France for most research and technology. However, over the last 2 years, I have taken a shine to Zephyr courgettes, but don’t tell Sarah! They are a fresh edition to the courgette growing area and I have enjoyed baking and eating cake made from the Summer surplus!
    In my spare time I enjoy watching live sport whether it be my 2 sons playing hockey or on the terraces supporting a less well known EFL football team.  I have also said for many years that at some point I would like to play more golf!

  • James Hoyle James Hoyle Account Manager

    I originally started at DGM back in 2012 as an administrator, I quickly fell for the fast paced produce industry and found myself as a commercial account manager looking after 5 national retailers as well as a few wholesale customers.

    I am always on the look out for next best thing to hit the UK market and thoroughly enjoy all new product development and trying new things.

    My favourite veg is our peeled garlic due to its pure convenience and versatility. My view is garlic goes with any dish!

  • Felicity Stocker Felicity Stocker Account Manager

    Having joined Fresca in the summer of 2022 as part of the first intake of the Fresca Future Leaders Graduate Programme, I took up the role of Account Manager with DGM in September 2023. Both during my time here at Fresca & in prior roles within the fresh produce sector, I have relished the vibrant & dynamic nature of this industry, its people & its products. As a member of the DGM team I am now looking forward to building strong relationships with our supply chain partners in order to deliver an outstanding service to our customers.

    As I learn about the wide range of DGM produce, I particularly enjoy pak choi, as it is something I love to cook with at home.

    My home is in Kent & in my spare time I’m a member of Canterbury Young Farmers Club.

  • Sadie Smith Sadie Smith Head of Compliance

    Mum of two beautiful but sassy girls who keep me entertained and extremely busy. I am the Compliance Manager overseeing the implementation of new industry and customer standards, whilst working along side the technical team with any product or customer requirements.

    I love all of our Asian leafy veg, everything from Pak Choi, Choi Sum to Tat Soi. Its such an easy product to pick up, chop and throw into a stir-fry for a quick and tasty meal for the whole family. It brings back fond memories of my days travelling South East Asia.





  • Shannon Manning Shannon Manning Technical Manager

    I started working for DGM in July 2022 as Customer Technical Manager after working within the Technical function for many years and successfully completing my Foundation Degree in Food Science and Technology. I am the key Technical contact for multiple retailers we supply, ensuring customer requirements are achieved to the highest standard. I provide Technical knowledge on quality, food safety and legality to all growers, DGM and our customers. I am responsible for the end to end supply chain, including UK and EU suppliers, ensuring we have strong relationships with our growers and driving innovation together.

    My favourite product is peeled garlic cloves, these are convenient and always bursting with flavour!

    In my spare time I enjoy being with my two Newfoundland dogs, taking them for walks in the fresh air.

  • Andrew Cawthorn Andrew Cawthorn Technical Manager

    I joined DGM Technical Team at the end of 2019 as an Account Technologist, and am responsible for all Technical Account function across various retailers. I work closely with our QA and Production teams to ensure product safety, legality and compliance, in line with our customers’ requirements, whilst also assisting our growers.

    Most weekends I can be found in fields across the UK as a motorsport enthusiast, supporting the various categories of UK Motor Racing.

    My favourite DGM product is Purple Sprouting Broccoli, I like the visual contrast of the dark green leaves and purple tinged florets.

  • Cristina Pitkin Cristina Pitkin Purchasing Co-Ordinator

    I have been working at DGM for 17 years, where I started as a line worker and enjoyed it so much I ended up progressing into all things packaging and dry goods related, whether that be the day to day ordering and maintaining stocks or developing new packaging formats to be more eco-friendly!

    Over the years DGM have always been driven to bring the very best from all over the globe and trying different veg which is great to get to try new things! My current favourites are all of the Asian leafy veg and Zephyr courgettes because they are so easy to cook and are all delicious! When I am not at work, I love to spend time with my  family and get out on lots of walks together!